Bricks for sale

Quality Bricks for Sale

Sand Shifters believes that bricks are the most important building component. We supply top quality building bricks across Gauteng to contribute to creating strong, sustainable buildings that can stand firm against bad weather conditions and the test of time while still keeping aesthetic value.

We are able to supply bulk volumes of cement stock bricks, clay stock bricks and maxi bricks to the construction industry. 

Cement Stock Bricks

We supply quality cement stock bricks.  Our cement stock bricks are affordable, strong and suitable for different applications. These bricks are ideal for exterior walls, single row walls and wall extensions.

Clay Stock Bricks

Our clay stock bricks are ideal for building. The bricks are fire resistant, tough and reasonably priced. These bricks also leave a low carbon footprint and provide temperature regulation.

Maxi Bricks

We are a top Maxi bricks supplier. As the most economical building brick, it is ideal for low-cost houses that will not require plastering applications. If you want to build a quality house in a short space of time, consider using our top-notch Maxi bricks.

Our delivery trucks are equipped with cranes and work efficiently to ensure a fast turn-around time for our Clients. Contact the best brick suppliers in Gauteng today! We will make sure that you not only get the best bricks, but also the best service.