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There are some universal benefits you will recognise, and some of these additional features in our site clearance service in Gauteng. Here are just some ways in which Sand Shifters can benefit your projects:

Save Money and Time

Using a construction rubble removal service in Gauteng can save you heaps of money to be used elsewhere in your budget. If you were to attempt to complete the job yourself it would take a huge chunk of time to get the vehicles you need, to collect the rubble and responsibly dispose thereof.

The amount of time and money that would need to be spent on calculating the labour costs travelling to and from the site alone is enough time and money that could be saved with Sand Shifter’s services to convince anyone.

Minimise Your Carbon Foot-Print

Ensuring construction rubble is disposed of properly or even reused (turned into crushed stone for use in other construction projects) is what Sand Shifters does, and does it exceedingly well. Not only will you be investing in the minimising of your environmental impact, but it will be done swiftly and professionally.

Improve Productivity

Let Sand Shifters worry about the logistics of removing rubble, supplying building materials and providing plant hire. All you need to do is get the project done. Sand Shifters allows you to focus on the task at hand while we handle the rest.

Using Sand Shifters for Multiple Services

Making use of Sand Shifters from the beginning of your project until the end means one service provider can supply your building materials, make plant hire available and provide site clearance services to ensure the site is ready to become what you have imagined it could be. Let Sand Shifters help make your blueprints a reality.

Contact us to get your project on its feet with less hassle through our comprehensive services, including construction rubble removal in Gauteng, to ensure your project remains on schedule and within budget.